Canada: Bulb Legislation

4/6/2014 12:00 AM

Although it has lagged behind the United States, Canada’s incandescent bulb legislation is much more comprehensive and has happened at a faster rate. Federal Canadian legislation banning the manufacture and importation of 100W and 75W incandescent bulbs went into effect on Jan. 1, 2014 (although British Columbia banned 100W and 75W incandescents in 2011), and 60W and 40W bulbs will be phased out on Dec. 31, 2014.

These standards were amended in October 2013 to align with the United States. Originally, halogen incandescents were included in the ban, but the Canadian government loosened its requirements to leave consumers with another alternative to CFL and LED bulbs.

“What happens in the U.S. actually affects Canada drastically because I’m buying from U.S. bulb manufacturers,” says Jodie Orange, owner of Living Lighting on King in Toronto. Orange points to the lag in Canadian legislation as the cause of some confusion in her store and with her customers.

Brian Creeley, Director of Sales at Bulbrite, says that it has been helpful to live through this transition before Canada. “I’ve already transitioned out 100W and 75W bulbs and have done return on investment analysis on LEDs. It’s much easier to explain to [Canadian retailers] now since we have some historical data to be able to confidently say ‘this is what will happen and this is what your customers will expect to see.’”